Workshop: Diversity, Inclusion, and Ethics - Where do you draw the line?

Date: Friday March 25 2011
Location: ASU Skysong
Facilitator:  Rodo Safranc
Topic: Diversity, Inclusion, and Ethics - Where do you draw the line?

What is ethics? What are your ethics? When did they evolve? Who makes the ground rules by which you live? Where do you draw the line? How do your ethics influence your behaviors toward diversity and inclusion? Why does it matter?

In this workshop you’ll have a chance to explore the role of ethics in your life, personally and professionally. We’ll focus on understanding, accepting, and applying ethics as the ground rules of behavior that we use in conducting our relationships, especially as they relate to diversity and inclusion.

Using various assessment tools, you’ll be able to define your most significant ethics and identity traits, evaluate their development, and diagram the impact of your ground rules in building inclusive relationships. You will also learn decision-making techniques that help you make the most constructive choices in becoming your best self.

Rodo Safranc started his diversity and inclusion, ethics, and critical thinking training very early in life. He was born in Montenegro—former Yugoslavia, now many small countries. His family fled to Austria and later immigrated to the United States. Rodo speaks, reads, and writes Serb-Croatian (formerly the name of the many languages of former Yugoslavia), German (formerly two countries north of the former Yugoslavia), and is working on English.

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