Gordon Watanabe, Ed.D.

Workshop Title: Personal Leadership

Are you ready to take charge of the transitions you face?
Would you like to feel more competent and creative in unfamiliar situations?
Is it time to transform into actual practice what you know about working with people of different cultures, generations, and perspectives?

Personal Leadership is an intercultural method of 2 principles and 6 practices that help you learn to take leadership of your own cultural  experience—of your own beliefs, values, communication styles, and worldview—so that you make decisions and take action based not on habit but on the emerging dynamics of each unique situation.

Personal Leadership helps you:

  • strengthen your ability to use difference as a tangible, creative resource by responding to it with an open mind and personal authenticity
  • more skillfully meet conflict with curiosity, and move towards appreciation and mutual meaning-making
  • expand your capacity to engage changing circumstances with confidence andwith a stance both of clear purpose and openness to outcome
  • learn all this not only as theory, but as practice; you can come away immediately able to apply what you’ve learned.

Bio for Gordon Watanabe, Ed.D.

Gordon Watanabe Ed.D., is a professor emeritus of education and former special assistant to the president for intercultural relations at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, USA. He is a member of the faculty of the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication. He recently co-authored a book called Making a World of Difference. Personal Leadership: a methodology of two principles and six practices. For the past decade, Dr. Watanabe and his colleagues have been training facilitators in Personal Leadership. There are trained PL Facilitators in many countries and throughout the US.

Dr. Watanabe’s work has focused in the field of intercultural education for the past thirty years. While starting his career as a public school teacher, he was asked to become a trainer for the Washington Education Association in their Minority Involvement Program. This event began his facilitation and diversity work while also maintaining his commitment to improvement in education. Dr. Watanabe’s educational background includes: undergraduate majors in biology and psychology; a masters in counseling; as well as a doctorate in education.

At Whitworth’s School of Education, Dr. Watanabe was involved with an innovative master’s program where he taught multicultural education and advanced educational psychology. Additionally, he had major responsibility for the nationally known multicultural program which sends education students to teach abroad and within country, in cultures very different from their own. His former intercultural work was as the Director of International Student Affairs, Director of Minority Student Affairs, and the Asian Pacific American Counselor & Head Minority Counselor.

Dr. Watanabe’s work is founded on the basic principle that understanding one’s self is critical for successful cross-cultural negotiations. He is committed to innovation and creativity, and facilitates organizational thinking and paradigmatic shifts for cultural change at the institutional and individual levels.

Dr. Watanabe’s diversity and intercultural facilitation work includes educational institutions (secular and non-secular), corporate entities, and community programs.

Gordon Watanabe Ed.D.

Spokane, WA U.S.A.
Email: gordon.watanabe@gmail.com
Website: www.Plseminars.com
Blogsite: www.YourVibrationalEssence.com
Phone: 509-448-1969

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