How Big Is Your Net?: Capturing Diversity in Thought and Conversation

Date: 20-Aug-2015
Capacity: 120 (100% booked)


August 2015 Workshop Registration

“How Big Is Your Net?: Capturing Diversity in Thought and Conversation"

presented by 

Courtney Lonergan
 Master Facilitator / Trainer & Community Organizer



Thursday, August 20, 2015

8:00am - 12:00 Noon (Registration begins at 7:30AM) 

Cox Communication | Tigerman Hall
17602 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85053 (map it) 

Complimentary Event w/ light refreshments - RSVP today!



Want to help individuals & groups discover solutions to problems, issues and concerns while celebrating diversity? Break unhealthy patterns and uncover the inspiring theory behind forming GREAT QUESTIONS! The focused conversation is a tool based on the science of how the brain works and translates this knowledge to authentic dialogue, diverse group participation and inclusive action. The focused conversation method is very useful in deepening perspectives and inspiring committed well thought out action. 

  • Conduct purposeful discussions 
  • Capture a group's best thinking easily 
  • Surface new ideas and solutions 
  • Stimulate candid feedback

Learn & practice tools and skills of effective facilitative leadership with a seasoned grassroots community organizer!

Courtney Lonergan, Facilitator 

Methods & Tools Developed with Diversity and Inclusion as Core Values: Courtney is a master trainer and facilitator of the Technology of Participation methodologies; developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). The ICA is an international non-profit with sites in 30+ countries across the globe, which facilitates and trains local people in participatory capacity building strategies. By being participatory, the facilitative methods themselves break down hierarchical structures and engage the voice of populations and individuals who were formerly oppressed or ignored. By equally engaging the wisdom of the entire community or group massive change can result. 

Who is she? Courtney is an enthusiastic and compelling graphic facilitator who engages diverse perspectives of her participants in meaningful dialogue to elicit inspired action and thoughtful working groups. She uses color, images and words to create appealing visual flipcharts and documents that tell the story and show the journey of the group. A highly recommended Cultural Anthropology Professor at ASU, Courtney listens for the insights and connections behind the words and uses symbols and imagery to show the progression of a lecture or group dialogue.  (read full bio)


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