Master the Art of Peak Performance

Date: 25-Feb-2015
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Join Diversity Leadership Alliance on Wednesday, February 25th 

We are hosting "Master the Art of Peak Performance"  Workshop

Estrella Mountain Community College
  Estrella Conference Center

3000 N. Dysart Rd, Avondale, AZ 85392

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
8:00am - 12:00 Noon (Registration begins at 7:30am)


Harness the power of diversity by mastering the art of your individual peak performance while building a foundation of collaboration and understanding, innovation and workforce trust, driving yourself and your organization toward otherwise unachievable results. Discover the hidden patterns that, unconsciously, get in the way of peak performance, initiating action, generating results and communicating effectively. It all starts with you! 

EVERYTHING you do, unconsciously and automatically, determines how we Master the Art of Peak Performance. Learn how to move through patterns and blocks that influence your organization, your life and everything you do. Go beyond the basics of diversity awareness by using cutting edge Mindset Technologies and Ninja Science Tools.

Peak Performance goes beyond collaboration or being a good team player. You must embrace your personal Genius, from the inside out and elevate your ability to speak up, effectively inspire, deliver your message and perform at your best. Experience and learn these simple scientific tools to lead with confidence and authority. 


  • Experience and master cutting edge simple “Ninja Science” Tools and Mind-Set Technologies.

  • Develop a work place that uniqueness is sought out, embraced, and celebrated moving beyond mere tolerance.

  • Learn how to increase understanding and deepen trust, communicate more productively, achieve higher levels of collaboration, and boost creativity and innovation together.

  • Learn to recognize, adjust and transform unconscious automatic patterns that influence ALL THAT YOU DO.

  • Perform at your best, consciously and intentionally, reducing the “do overs” and unleash the power of each individual.

  • Establish basic delivery skill sets to articulate your message with confidence and inspire your team with authority to create internal cohesion and enhance the capacity for collective action.

  • Capitalize on their Points of Power to enhance leadership, communication, and performance, as individuals and teams.

  • Create internal support and greater results, success and FUN!

  • Attract and develop teams and relationships that bring out the best in all participating in your work, movement, mission.

  • Secure more advancement, more growth and way more fun through the natural acts of inclusion, engagement and expression resulting in the empowerment of all.

  • Create a path for PEAK PERFORMANCE!

Jane Powers PicJane M. Powers is a straight talking, success generating, big hearted Speaker, Coach and Mindset Expert. Founder of Speak ~ Sell ~ Soar, Jane guides thousands around the world to Speak with Confidence and Sell with Authority. Using her unique system she has created two multimillion dollar businesses and now helps others do the same by bringing power to their message and conversions to their sales, while gaining visibility, growing their list and expanding their bank accounts.

Best known for her commanding presence, simple strategies and humor, she engages and inspires audiences to break through blocks and obstacles, propelling them into action – helping them secure sustainable success.

No matter the goal or plan, the implementation of her simple practices has led, not only her life but others to ultimately achieve enviable success. The art of cutting away months or even years of hesitation, false starts and procrastination is a trademark of her success. (Read More)


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