Countering Bias: Intercultural Agility and Effectiveness

Date: 27-Aug-2014
Capacity: 190 (98% booked)


August 2014 Workshop Registration

“Countering Bias: Intercultural Agility and Effectiveness"


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


8:00am - 12:00 Noon (Registration begins at 7:30AM) 

Desert Willow Conference Center
4340 E Cotton Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85040 (map it) 

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Workshop Summary

Think of this session as intercultural strength training with fast-paced core experiential exercises that are designed to improve intercultural effectiveness and support the characteristics of cultural agility. We will use a variety of methodologies and activities, including videos, small group discussions, large group debriefs, and visual activities to take a deeper dive into what it means to be interculturally agile.

Workshop Objectives

  • Explore the mechanisms and evolutionary nature of the unconscious brain, the conscious brain, and unconscious bias;
  • Examine the development of cultural identity as a way of understanding biases, assumptions, and behaviors;
  • Understand how curiosity, empathy and intercultural agility work as antidotes to bias and mitigate the impact of bias on equitable service delivery;
  • Examine real world examples – the workplace, education, health care,the justice system - which will demonstrate how unconscious bias anda lack of intercultural agility hinder equitable customer service and lead to disparities in the delivery of care;
  • Examine strategies to work flexibly, respectfully, and effectively when responding and adapting to a variety of cultural contexts and circumstances.

Workshop Facilitator

April Lewis & Carol French, Owners of Figure 8 Consulting, LLC

Figure 8 Consulting has offered comprehensive organizational consulting services for ten years, with an emphasis on examining organizational issues through cultural lenses. Our work is grounded in the belief that relationships are the foundation for cultural agility, and that cultural humility makes possible better communication and connections across differences. Our vision is a world where all people are valued for who they are and where life’s possibilities are available to everyone. We believe that the best intercultural work comes from the connections between the head, the heart, and the hand: what we know, how we feel, and what we do. The Figure 8 knot is a metaphor for one of our foundational principles: by creating connections with others, we are able to do together what we could not do alone. (read more)

For more information about Figure 8 Consulting, LLC visit:

Phone:  503.231.4829
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