February Workshop Recap

The Courage and Compassion to do the Right Thing: A Lesson in Making a Positive Difference 

Our February Diversity Leadership Program proved to be a historical and personal lesson in Courage and Compassion to Do the Right Thing. Consultant, historian, teacher, and author Marty Brounstein shared an inspirational story of two rescuers in the Holocaust and World War II, who courageously saved the lives of over two dozen Jews from certain death. Marty’s personal connection to this brave and righteous couple stirred the audience with a powerful message of humanity and the potential for everyone to stand up and make a difference. Following the story, the program’s focus shifted to exploring differences, values, intention, and the chance to create the best possible opportunities in our workplaces and communities. Marty’s very human story and the inherent leadership lessons offered, provided powerful food for thought and action in today’s turbulent world.  


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Sharing our Stories Diversity Leadership Alliance in 2019


"Stories are the communal currency of humanity."
-- Tahir Shah, in Arabian Nights
Storytelling is a unique and powerful way to teach, persuade, and understand ourselves and others. It is a uniquely human trait and has been with us nearly as long as we’ve been able to speak. Whether it evolved out of necessity or was simply a by-product of our own intellectual development, stories are a deeply embedded in our DNA. Across time and across cultures, stories have proved their worth not just as works of art, historical perspective or amusement, but as catalysts for change.

We all love stories; sharing some of our favorite experiences or finding ourselves in another’s adventures. It may be a tale of victory after overcoming impossible odds or simply a memorable moment that happened to us in passing. Nevertheless, storytelling allows us to learn about ourselves and others and what is possible.
So, 2019 will be all about Sharing Our Stories, setting aside judgments and biases, listening and learning, and exploring the possibilities for tomorrow.

Every time somebody shares their experiences with us, we get to see what is truly possible. The benefit that shared experiences afford us, as a human race, is the deeper understanding of us all.
•Who are you?
•Where have you come from?
•What do you know?
•What experiences have you had?
•What are you trying to share and give to us all?
•Please share you story, and I will share mine.  
A story can only be a story if it is shared. That’s what makes the act of sharing just as fundamental to storytelling as the experience itself. Once a story is shared it becomes part of us all. We are all part of each other’s stories.  

Plan to join us in 2019 in Sharing Our Stories


Congratulations to all of the

2018 Diversity and Inclusion Winners!

 2018 Diversity Leader Award Winners

Angela Hughey
Co-Founder and President ONE Community

Chip Cardenas
Mentor New Pathways for Youth

Jacque Starks
Diversity Coordinator MCC

Jezreel Ramirez
Program Administrator Dept of Veterans Affairs

Yaser Ali
Founder Greater Arizona

Dr. Neal Lester
Director of Project Humanities ASU
 2018 Inclusive Workplace Award Winners

Arizona Complete Health

Equal Opportunity Department
City of Phoenix
 2018 Youth Inclusion Leader Award Winner

Abril Morales
Camelback High School

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